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Cempasichil Cross

Cempasichil Cross
Cempasichil Cross
Cempasichil Cross

Flowers Deliver with Love!


The Cempasuchil flower is native to Mexico, Its name Nahuatl   means "twenty flowers". Our ancestors assimilated the yellow color of the marigold flower with the sun, which is why they used it in the offerings dedicated to their dead. This flowers is supposed to guide them to their offerings. 


This Breathtaking Design is composed of:

  • Small Cross Size: 21'' Wide x 24'' Height
  • Easel Size: 36'' Height (you may choose a taller easel)
  • Cempasuchil, Sunflowers, and seasonal daisies. 
  • Sympathy Cross is design in a cross foam with water. 
  • One-sided Cross.